La Marzocco KB90


The KB90 has arrived in 2019 and it’s fabulous!  The KB90 is a redesign of the Linea PB with significant design and functionality updates.  

This is a heavy duty workhorse. Available in 2 & 3 groups.

The key additional features of the La Marzocco KB90:

  • Straight-In Portafilter: the straight-in portafilter simplifies the traditional left to right twist motion required to engage with the group head.  in busy environments removing the left to right twist with the straight-in motion significantly reduce the repetitive strain on the baristas wrist.

  • Steam Flush: the steam flush function automatically cleans the shower screens after every extraction.  This is really helpful as it assists with optimising quality and reducing tasks required by the barista.

  • Pro-Touch Steam Wands: the KB90 is fitted with insulated steam wands, really simple idea to prevent baristas from burning hands!

  • Drip Prediction Brew Scales: to improve accuracy the KB90’s auto brew ratio now anticipates the extra drips that occur at the end of the extraction process and thus helping with brew ratio accuracy.